Yacht Delivery and Movement

Yacht Delivery and Movement is our Specialty

 There are several types of Deliveries and Movements:delivery map copy

  • Move your Yacht permanently to a new home
  • Move your Yacht to a location for a Trip or Vacation
  • Have your Yacht moved to a Boat Yard for Service or Sea Trial for a Survey

We are ready to assist you with whatever you need.

Although Our Specialty is the Delivery of Power Yachts over 45ft,  We also have a Captain with decades of experience  that handles Sail Boats of all sizes and designs.

We have made deliveries covering:

  • The East Coast anywhere from Key West, Florida to New Rochelle, New York.
  • The Gulf Coast from Key West, Florida to Kemah, Texas.
  • Crossing Lake Okeechobee from Stuart, Florida to Ft. Myers, Florida.
  • Up the Rivers from Mobile, Alabama to Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • From Port Clinton, Ohio to Lake Champlain, New York passing into Canada and the St. Lawrence Seaway.
  • Though the Bahamas.

endeavour 48 trawlercat

 Here is what we want to know:

  • Where do you want to have your Yacht delivered?
  • What is your time frame?
  • Will you or anyone accompany us on the trip?
  • Will you be the Captain and just need a backup Captain on board?

Once we find this out, we can provide an estimate that will include estimated:

  • Dates and Times of departuresample reports
  • A report showing the estimated cost of the trip:
    • Captain and Crew cost
    • Estimated number of days the trip will take based on Yacht Speed, Fuel Burn and Daily Distance that can be Traveled in a day
    • Estimated Transportation costs based on Flight or rental car information
    • Estimated Provision and Meal costs
    • An additional report showing the estimated ports of call, marina information and daily travel distance, time and fuel burn.
  • All estimates are based on what we think will happen on a trip.  Things like Weather, Mechanical problems or shutdown of transient areas can change those numbers.  Estimates of Fuel burn and speed are based on either information gained from you or research we do on that specific yacht.  Our estimates have always been close to the actual numbers.

yacht delivery 5

Once an Estimate is Accepted, the Departure date is set based on known weather and systems information.

*All Deliveries utilize a Captain and 1st Mate

Upon arrival we will have a hand written report and receipts from the trip.  Once we return home, we will enter the information into our system and you will receive a printed report reflecting the final cost of the trip.

We also do a couple of fun things for you.   

You will be able to log on to a website and track on a map exactly where we are at any 20 minute interval.  That will also show where we started from and ended at during that leg of the trip.

Spot Example

We also attempt to make a time lapse video of the trip for you that we post on our site.

To request an estimate:

  We look forward to hearing from you.