Captaining Services

Your Captain and Designated Captain

There are times when you just don’t want to be the Captain.  My Designated Captain program is just right for you.

You might want to:

  • Entertain Friends
  • take out a client to smooze or close a deal
  • Go to Lunch or Dinner
  • Be on the Water and have a few Drinks and not worry
  • Enjoy a Boat Date
  • Take out the Family and spend time with them, not driving the yacht
  • Let a Friend or Family use the Yacht and not worry about whose driving

You may also want to:

  •  Have your yacht meet you somewhere
  • Brought home from somewhere
  • Take a trip and feel like you are on a Cruise with someone else driving

Yachts need maintenance:

  • Take the yacht taken to the yard
  • Need a captain for a Sea Trail after work has been done.

Hiring Capt. Steve as the Designated Captain for a few hours, a day or many days just makes sense.

Friendly and enjoyable while still keeping an eye out for safety, Capt. Steve will ensure that while you are out, everything will be ok.